Leadership Evolution + Accelerated Development

Be The Leader You Want To Be

Are you a CEO or director in a challenging role?


Do you struggle with stress, conflict and frustration?


Do you have a persistent feeling that there must be more to work than this?


Would you like to access a whole new world of clarity, insight and ease?

If you believe the more you struggle the more you achieve, then struggle on...

What you believe creates your world - it's your choice.

The LEAD (Leadership Evolution and Accelerated Development) Programme is based on the premise that self-leadership is a prerequisite to leading others. Only those that are adept at leading themselves - leading their lives - can lead their organisation effectively.

Leadership is only possible through relationship. Your relationship with yourself affects how you relate to everyone else.

This is why self-awareness is critical to good leadership. And it's infinitely more than just knowing your personality type.

The LEAD Programme unfolds over 24 weeks and dives deep into the foundations of professional growth:

• Personal Evolution

• Relationship Evolution

• Leadership Evolution

Online material is delivered weekly with tasks.

9 x 1-on-1 sessions allow the weekly units and live work challenges to be explored in depth.

The programme is designed for leaders with elevated responsibility and busy lives.


Wellcome Trust - Executive Coach Client
Exertis - Executive Coach Client
BT plc - Executive Coach Client
Rolls-Royce - Executive Coach Client
Reed - Executive Coach Client
Mars - Executive Coach Client

I now feel much more in control of my life, worry a lot less and can properly switch off, which I struggled with massively before. - CEO

Chris produced results which I wouldn't have thought possible. I would not hesitate in recommending him. - CEO

Having worked with Chris I can assure anyone considering an executive coach that they would find the experience positive, engaging and very much worthwhile. - HR Director

The results were great and the experience enjoyable and rewarding. - MD


Chris has excellent insight into people and business dynamics, is able to get up to speed quickly, and is smart, experienced and effective. - Chairman

His professional and personable approach, ability to tease out the pertinent issues, and business insight were fundamental to the positive outcomes achieved. - GM

Chris is an extremely personable executive coach whose relaxed approach belies an ability to get to the very heart of the issue at hand. - Director

I wanted to extend my warmest thanks to you for a job incredibly well done. - CEO

Chris Pearse - Executive Coach

Chris Pearse is a specialist executive coach with over 15 years experience developing leaders, following his own corporate career.

He started out designing digital control systems, and went on to support international sales & marketing activities for several global tech companies.

Chris has run companies in the UK and abroad and is experienced in the mechanics of leadership.

But it's the dynamics of leadership that fascinates him - the mindsets, belief-systems, behaviours and relationships that really define an organisation.

He works with his clients at this causal level which has a far deeper and more sustainable impact than other approaches to leadership development.

Chris is a Chartered Engineer and contributes articles on leadership to Forbes, Management Today and the IoD. He is based in London, UK.

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