Chris Pearse

Interim MD/CEO

Interim Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer • No-nonsense, practical focus on transforming uncertainty, stress and struggle into direction and results •  Request contact


Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right - Henry Ford

I run SMEs on a short-term, interim basis, dealing with uncertainty, conflict, stress, poor performance and stagnation.

I work with owners, directors and teams to inspire purpose and direction through strategy, discipline and sound business practice.

I work with enterprises selling products and services in B2B markets, nationally and internationally.

Some of the businesses I work with have experienced success before hitting a brick wall - the owners and directors can't see a way forward. They frequently end up spending their time fighting fires, fighting each other and dealing with one crisis after another.

Other businesses just need a safe, steady pair hands to keep the business on an even keel between permanent appointments.



Personal Support
When a business faces uncertainty, so do its people, and no one more than the owner, entrepreneur or leader. My immediate focus is on ensuring that you get respite from the stress and exhaustion that can result from prolonged effort - effort that may not be giving you what you want.


Better Relationships
Conflict is an all too common symptom of many businesses. As an Interim Manager I deal with conflict in a compassionate but direct way to allow people to work with each other, for the good of the business, rather than against each other.


When a business is submerged in one crisis after the next, discipline is very often the casualty. Short cuts are used instead of established processes, and people can get into bad habits very quickly. But the biggest impact is on thinking and decision-making which can quickly make things worse. I challenge the way people think, speak and act so that they quickly reconnect with their own innate disciplines and those of the business.


Having a clear business purpose is a key factor in the ability to overcome adversity. I work with the senior team to clarify the business's purpose, vision and strategy, in order to promote engagement throughout the business.  Working 'on purpose' galvanises the energy needed for achievement.


Profit is an outcome not an objective. When you put your life and soul into delivering your value, 'on purpose', profits flow. When you focus on profit as your purpose, they don't. And this is a common reason why so many businesses fail financially. I work with businesses to ensure that they understand this, and put it into practice.


Put all of this together and you have what it takes to be and do what you want - what you really want. That's freedom. When you get paid for doing what you love, that's success. And the ability to take others with you - that's leadership.



I'm a Chartered Engineer and I've always loved designing new ways of doing things and making them perform better. After many years in digital hardware design and development I took on commercial roles supporting product sales and marketing globally, eventually setting up and running a number of enterprises both in the UK and abroad.

Since 2003 I've been helping owners and entrepreneurs turn their businesses - and themselves - around, transforming struggle into freedom, purpose and profit.

Of course the dynamics of a organisation are very different from an engineered product, and I spent many years studying the human aspects of leadership and its impact on business success.

A sound understanding of both the mechanics of business and its dynamics - the intangibles and complexities of human behaviour - enables me as an Interim Managing Director or Chief Executive Officer to have an immediate, positive impact on challenging situations.

So if you are finding running your business a tough challenge that you've not been able to overcome, contact me here and let's talk...



I now feel much more in control of my life, worry a lot less and can properly switch off which I struggled with massively before. - CEO

Chris produced results which I wouldn't have thought possible. I would not hesitate in recommending him. - CEO

Having worked with Chris I can assure anyone considering doing the same that they would find the experience positive, engaging and very much worthwhile. - HR Director

The results were great and the experience enjoyable and rewarding. - MD

Chris is an extremely personable executive coach whose relaxed approach belies an ability to get to the very heart of the issue at hand. - Director

Chris has excellent insight into people and business dynamics, is able to get up to speed quickly, and is smart, experienced and effective. - Chairman

His professional and personable approach, ability to tease out the pertinent issues, and business insight were fundamental to the positive outcomes achieved. - GM

I wanted to extend my warmest thanks to you for a job incredibly well done. - CEO



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